Derailment of New Jersey train leaves 5 injured


A NJ Transit train had three cars derail on early Monday as it maneuvered into Penn Station with 1,200 people onboard, according to authorities. The authorities said 5 of the people were injured. The moderate speed crash occurred as the 3926 train from Trenton pulled onto Track Nine in the station at around 9 a.m.


The authorities said the effect was sufficiently hard to sever a wheel of one of the cars. Five individuals endured minor wounds. The travelers in the last four cars were escorted to a safe area. The NJ Transit services going into Penn Station were suspended. FDNY Chief Roger Sakowich said there were 10 autos on the train, plus a locomotive. Around 1,400 individuals were cleared, with 600 walking the tracks to get to the area.


According to Sakowich, “The biggest part of the issue was that the trains derailed in a way that it pinched the cars so that the doors to the cars did not align up. So we had to take people from the last four cars, which took a little bit of time, down onto the tracks.”


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