Annual Arab League Summit Focus On Israeli-Palestinian Issues

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As the annual Arab league summit reaches its due date, the focus this year will remain on the perpetual Israeli-Palestinian controversy. The Arab League’s Ministerial Council, that precedes the summit to draw the agenda for the heads of states, has underlined the recent decision taken by the President of the United States Donald Trump to move the headquarter of the US embassy from Tel Aviv to the Israeli capital of West Jerusalem.

Saudi Peace Initiative

In a fractured region, as well as a relatively fragmented union, the Arab leaders  seek to issue a common decree that would place heavy pressure on the Trump administration to revise their policy towards the region and specifically Palestine. It is expected that the leaders of Arab world will back-up the decade old Saudi Arab Peace Initiative, that laid out the plan of a two-state solution.

Clear signs of a different Middle Eastern policy from the White house have emerged since the new POTUS has taken office. Subsequent to a frosting diplomatic relations era under the Obama presidency, Mr. Donald Trump has vowed unconditional support to the Jewish state during his presidential campaign as he boasted at the Republican Jewish Coalition’s Presidential Forum in Washington DC: “I’m the best thing that could ever happen to Israel”.

Unity on the Palestinian cause, comes in a time of turmoil and extensive unrest across the Middle east and North Africa, as reaching a solution for this decade old strife could be the start of regional stability. Israeli Prime Minister Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu acknowledged the consensus that has to be reached on the regional level as a foundation to a peace deal.

Trump And Sisi

Mr. Donald Trump is scheduled  to meet with the Egyptian President Abdul-Fattah El-Sisi and the Jordanian King Abdullah II next month to discuss the regional issues where finding common ground on the Palestinian issue will be on top of the agenda.