Nunes Steps Down From Intelligence Committee And Is Investigated Himself

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Republican congressman and head of intelligence committee, Devin Nunes, has led the headlines of media and news outlets since his appointment as head of the congressional commission charged with investigating Russian links with Trump’s cronies.

The public is holding his breath since the allegations pointed at Russia being the propagator behind the email leak scandal of the presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, all the way arriving to the potential involvement of Trump and his close associates with major Russian officials.

Controversial leading

The most recent uproar was caused by the inquiry led by Mr.Nunes in the above mentioned association of Trump’s appointees with foreign powers.  The proceedings of the member of Congress raised eyebrows and created an atmosphere of doubts surrounding his integrity and ethical commitment. 

His handling of the inquiry was categorized by experts and analysts to be unbiased and lacking clarity. 

The Republican strongman came under fire when he reported last week to have stumbled upon information leading to justifying the core allegations of the investigation, which he decided to share with one of the main suspects: the president himself!

Ethical misjudgment

His close relationship with the head of the oval office, has been a matter of contention since the beginning of the procedure and raised criticism in Capitol Hill. 

The controversy surrounding the mechanism used by the head of the intelligence commission was sufficient to capture the attention of the house ethics committee. 

Adding to that, the ethics watchdogs assumed some of his public disclosures to be falling under the realm of classified information, which led them to put him under investigation.

With the growing tensions and pressure laid on his shoulders by the public’s uproar, the renowned representative stepped aside from his leading position in the inquiry and thought to be replaced with a new face that would bring fresh blood to the committee and lay low after being himself investigated.