Pentagon Has Begun 'Looking Into' Airstrikes That Killed Hundreds of Civilians in Iraq

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The Pentagon along with the United States-led coalition that is currently fighting militants in Iraq has acknowledged last Friday that an investigation is necessary into the airstrike that is suspected to have killed several hundred Iraqi civilians located in a region of Mosul believed to be held by ISIS.

Col. Joseph Scrocca, one US spokesperson in Baghdad, said to the LA Times that officials have begun looking into various allegations of strikes in the region that occurred between 17 and 23 of March.

Witness Accounts

A resident stated that an airstrike hit one residential region in the 13 of March, which was followed by more only four days after, reported Fox News.

“We are aware of reports on airstrikes in Mosul resulting in civilian casualties,” a Pentagon spokesperson, Eric Pahon, said in a recent statement to FOX.

“The Coalition conducted several strikes near Mosul and [coalition forces are] looking in to these reports. The Department of Defense takes all reports of civilian casualties very seriously and assesses all incidents as thoroughly as possible.”

The coalition, devised of over 60 nations, “opened a formal civilian casualty credibility assessment on this allegation,” said a statement to the Associated Press.

Death Toll

Estimates of a final death toll are varied, although most believe the count is above 100.

“Finding survivors is very difficult because the area is completely destroyed,” Chief of Civil Defense Mohammed Al-Jawari told reporters.  “It’s a very big disaster, indeed we can describe it as a disaster.”

The Mosul Eye, told Radio Liberty/ Radio Free Europe that over 130 people had been killed, with innocent women as well as children amongst them.

“Over 137 people were inside. The entire neighborhood was fleeing because of missiles that hit, so people were taking refuge here,” said a resident in the neighbourhood, Ahmed Ahmed.

The Telegraph reporte 239 bodies, the majority of which were children and women, were recovered from rubble of only three homes overnight Wednesday and Thursday.