Previous National Security Advisor Under Trump Fire

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A number of statements made by Mr. Donald Trump, during a press conference in the Oval Office, generated an ambience of ambiguity and wonder across the room.

The reporters were confronted with assertions surrounding the national security advisor of the previous administration, Ms. Susan E.Rice, accusing her of proceeding in illicit means surrounding an account she made public recently. The former official had revealed to the press details of Trump and Obama cronies, obliged by domestic intelligence to superintend numerous foreign officials.

Shady allegations

This claim came as a surprise to the press agents, as the raw charge was not backed up with any proof and it was not previously referred to by no congressional or institutional intelligence.

The normal procedures in occurrences where high officials are charged with similar assignments can lead to the revelation of their identity to the public for different reasons according to intelligence reports. Though, the head of state insisted on the absence of legitimacy in the case of Ms. Rice and displayed the matter to be the headline that all media institutions should consider as paramount.

No Backfire from the accused

Mr. Trump refused to reveal the source of his declaration as well as clarifying to the audience the essence of the “illegal” element of the actions of the previous national security official. On the other hand, the accused woman called the allegations to be “Ludacris” and abstained from further commenting on the incitement in order to not dignify it.

In press session went on to touch on several other elements being contended on the domestic and international level.

The president took the side of Mr. O’Reilly that has been recently accused of “sexual misconduct” towards 5 different woman, leading to recommendations being paid to them amounting to millions of dollars. At last the topic of the chemical attack conducted by the Syrian regime on its own people in Idlib yesterday was described by the head of office to be a disgraceful action that cannot be accepted and that puts shame on the Syrian establishment.