Trump Ambushing North Korea And Warning With Possible Preemptive Strikes

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Tension is rising in all corners of the globe as various diplomatic feuds are escalating due to multiple trends destined to shape a new world for the 21st century.

From the Middle East to the south Pacific arriving to the north Pacific and across most of Europe, a new era is carving a different globe for the generations to come.

The neo liberal status quo that sustained the western hegemony is outdated and showing signs of its near collapse, if not quickly updated to maintain its effectiveness and prestige.

Chinese influence is urged

Chinese President Xi Jinping was visiting the new American head of state, Mr.Donald Trump, discussing the boost of bilateral relations and regional disputes.

On top of the agenda, both leaders prioritized a resolution initiative concerning the “headache” caused by the North Korean leader and his nuclear ballistic missiles program aimed at western powers, specifically the United States of America.

The new head of oval office, has repeatedly stressed the influence the Chinese State has on its neighbor and the necessity of their intervention to avoid a dramatic escalation.

Syrian example

Couple of days before the Chinese visit, Mr. Trump vowed to take an appropriate response against the Syrian government’s atrocious chemical attack conducted on civilians in Idlib.

The day the Chinese leader set ground on American soil, the U.S. head of state exerted a show of power and annihilated a Syrian air base; sending a message to all nations in the world reluctant to cooperate with the global power.

Experts and analysts see that the American strike has a hidden message to the Chinese government, warning that the progress of North Korea’s nuclear program will result up in a preemptive offense that will cause widespread damage.

To enforce their will and empower the force of the warning, the U.S. military has started to move its navy in the waters surrounding the North Korean peninsula.

The renowned Vinson strike group air craft carrier, accompanied by other military vessels are sailing towards the north Pacific to create a threat for Pyongyang.

Vocal critiques have emerged domestically and internationally, cautioning Mr. Trump from taking unilateral decisions and urging him to work in collaboration with the remaining world powers to avoid a disastrous outcome.

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