Trump Supporting Israel Despite UN’s Apartheid Accusations

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The United Nations Human Rights Council has embraced, last week, five different verdicts condemning Israeli policy in the West-Bank and labeling it a state of “Apartheid”. This comes in the midst of a restrained relation between the Jewish state and the supranational entity; where the latter has taken, on multiple occasions in the last few months, an aggressive stance against its practices.


The peak of escalations initiated with United Nations Security Council Resolution 2334 in December 2016, the most recent attempt to curb the expanding “illegal” Israeli settlements in the West Bank. It was followed by the report that is issued the United Nations affiliated entity ESCWA (United Nations’ West Asia commission) two weeks ago, depicting the activities and aftermath of the “Apartheid” regime.

The administration of Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has expressed anger at the procedures of the International Community and the measures taken by the concerned Member States. Israel has since exerted all its diplomatic powers, showing the “red eye” to all the accusers and relinquishing control of the situation in several unprecedented manners.


The United Kingdom as well as the United States have shown unconditional support to their ally and have publically abstained from the decisions of the United Nations and its affiliated organizations. The most remarkable was the avoidance and dismissal of the UN General Secretary Antonio Guterres to the report of the ESCWA, which led to the resignation of its chief and United Nations Under-Secretary General Rima Khalaf at the request of withdrawing the paper.

Britain voiced its displeasure by stating that they put the UNHRC “On Notice” and have pledged renewed allegiance and unconditional support to Israel. Similar to the Trump administration has been critical of the resolutions and is trying to reinforce the “unbreakable” tie between the nations, which has seen as a downturn under the Obama era.

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