Trump's Son-in-law Commissioned With “Hardcore” Missions

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Jared Kushner, the 36 year old real estate mogul and son in law of Mr.Donald Trump, has accepted an invitation from US Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Joseph Dunford to visit the American military camp in Iraq. The senior adviser will be expected to represent the president in showing encouragement to the stationed army personnel, in their fight against IS, as well as backup to the Iraqi government.

“Relative” and Young

Classified under delicate foreign affairs matters, the Iraqi turmoil, is a direct result of U.S. policy in the Middle Eastern region. The new Washington administration did not announce yet the intention of the head of state or his secretary to the end of a trip to the war torn country.

The nomination of Mr. Kushner displays the trust channeled into his ability to represent the interests of the oval office and achieve required aims.  Drafted with similar missions of high significance, the young presidential senior adviser, has caught the eye of the public and is bared with high expectation. This comes in the light of his assignment as a shadow diplomat across the Middle East, Canada and Mexico.

Controversial Governance

The decision of Mr. Trump to empower the husband of his daughter with the role of his senior adviser and to commission him with important proceedings of National Security interest, like resolving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, is the point of contention in the media.

Experts are concerned that the young man is unfit and lacks the experience to bear such great responsibilities and out his entrustment comes as a matter of nepotism.  The new head of American administration, has a controversial perspective of the different problems the country is facing as he considers them results of corrupt and unfit governance of previous executive officials.