U.S Ambassador Nikki R. Haley Sets Different Approach To Predecessors

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Fresh into office, the newly appointed United States ambassador to the United Nations Ms. Nikki R.  Haley has shown the red eye to the international community; setting a different approach to her predecessors.

Resentful parent

Being one of the main founders of this international organization, the United States is currently experiencing a downturn in its relationship with the entity.  The current administration of Mr. Donald trump has vowed to reduce its financial commitments towards the various causes pledged throughout the institution, in the light of the reduction of its fiscal spending.  Another cause that led to this initiative being taken is the repeated ambush Israel has faced recently during a multitude of assemblies in the different agencies of the league.

Ms. Haley established her frustration towards the member states and their policies towards Israel, in the rear of security resolutions taken by the United Nations security council over the course of the last few months. During this week, the former governor of South Carolina, held two different speeches where she pledged to take a tougher stance on, what she calls ‘aggressive Stance’ against the Jewish State.She raised concerns that the bodies of the United Nations are composed out of unqualified and unfit members, such as the human rights council holding Saudi Arabia and China as components.  The ratio of settlements directed at Israel outweighs by far the ones taken against heavy violators of international law in the region and internationally, as she mentioned during her speech.

New Vision

This attitude reflects the vision of the trump administration in his Middle Eastern policy, that saw him attempting a reconciliation with their closest ally in the region after years of a troubled diplomatic relation under the Barak Obama presidency. Another element of the regional agenda, namely the Muslim travel ban has been backed up by Ms. Haley as she disclosed it to be targeted at Muslims but rather to embolden the vetting mechanism for asylum seekers as well as a counter reaction to similar incidents like the Westminster terrorist attack this month.