White House Release Of Long Awaited Disclosure Report Puts End To Rebuttal

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A long awaited disclosure report from the White House puts end to the agonizing rebuttal surrounding the staff of the new administration. The media spectacle surrounding Mr.Trump’s appointees, reaching unrivaled stages, is one of the main antecedent for the instability witnessed in the oval office.

Legalized Nepotism and Cronyism

Before all else, the nomination of Ms.Ivanka Trump and Mr. Jared Kushner sparked the uproar that has been building up since the commissioning of various CEOs of multinational conglomerates in the top positions across the state institutions.

A protracted list of the functionary of the executive mansion, sheds light on all their financial activities since there appointment. Many of the close circle surrounding the president have raised suspicion over conflict of interests leaving the public to speculate in the matter.

The blueprint aimed at achieving scrutiny didn’t disappoint the vocal critics raised by many analysts expounding the cronies of the head of state, including him, to be the wealthiest in the history of the United States of America. Vast numbers of assets and large sums in bank accounts have found to be at the disposal of most of them.

Eye-Opening scrutiny

Disregarding the president and his relatives, who are known billionaires, some of the associates turned out to be wealthier than most expected. Steve Bannon, senior adviser to Mr.Trump had an income of $2.3 million last year and his net worth is estimated to be over 30,000,000 U.S. dollars. Another advisor, Mr. Gary Cohn (former executive at Goldman Sachs) has a shocking equity that ranges between 250,000,000 and 600,000,000 U.S. dollars.

Being the most affluent leader of the USA in its history, Mr. Donald Trump has not shied away from nominating people of his alike. The rhetoric that they will use their expertise in accumulating their wealth in order to reboot the country’s economy is therefore a prevailing matter.

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