Guests are mistreated and denied their reservations by an Airbnb receptionist

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25-year-old law student, Dyne Suh of Riverside, said she and her life partner had been anticipating a short excursion over Presidents’ Day end of the week in Big Bear Lake, a mainstream ski getaway around two hours via auto east of Los Angeles.


About a month prior to their trek, Suh booked a mountain lodge on Airbnb recorded as a “Tree House Loft with a Private Bathroom” in Running Springs, Calif. Suh disclosed in a telephone interview on Friday that she later informed the host to inquire as to whether she could include two additional companions and two puppies to the reservation and was informed that it would be fine. Suh said, “We were looking forward to it, especially with law school and working and being really busy. It was a welcome break.”


Suh rudely informed by a hostess named Tami that “If you think 4 people and 2 dogs are getting a room for $50 a night on Big Bear Mountain during the busiest weekend of the year. You are insanely high.” The host texted her, according to Suh’s screenshots of the exchange. She also called Suh “a con artist” and scratched off the reservation.


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