Trump promises state visit to Japan this year

During their upcoming meeting, Abe is expected to introduce a plan for increased U.S. Indeed, Abe will have a lot to talk about with Trump when the two meet. Security Treaty, which obliges U.S. forces to defend Japan. Beijing opposes such statements, but Trump's wording allowed for some diplomatic wiggle room.

Life Lessons and Lego Batman

How did you feel about him in the end? Batman retreats back into Bruce Wayne's lonely life filled with gadgets, lobster thermidor, and only one human companion, who happens to also be an employee. There is real warmth that develops in these relationships, with a depth that is balanced by the rapid-fire humor mix. Mariah Carey is the voice of Mayor McCaskill, Michael Cera plays Robin.

Sasikala has no right to remove me from party: Panneerselvam

Ten people, who blew a conch near former Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa's Poes Garden residencewhere AIADMK General Secretary and Legislature party leader V K Sasikala is statying, were arrested by the police today. Strongly opposing her elevation as AIADMK chief, Pandian said it was against party rules. Meanwhile, Mr. P. H. Pandian, a party veteran, today claimed there had been a quarrel at Ms.

Saturday Night Live Writer Suspended Over Tweet About Barron Trump

I agree with the suspension, but I wish the president of the United States was held to the same standard. She claimed that the tweet was meant will no ill intention, and that she had nothing against Trump's children. On Instagram, Modern Family actress Julie Bowen posted pictures of Barron Trump, who seemed occasionally distracted during his father's inauguration ceremony.

Watch the Final Logan Trailer, Prepare for the End

One of the most recent films in the X-MEN saga, "X-MEN Apocalypse", grossed $155.44M domestically, before ending its theatrical run with $543.93M at the global box-office. Turns out the mysterious girl is X-23, a mutant clone of Wolverine and presumably one of the very last mutants on Earth. What's super cool about the issue numbers is that the real "Uncanny X-Men #132" is the issue in which Donald Pierce, a cyborg villain of the X-Men, first appears.

Ben Affleck Finally Confirms Directorship on The Batman

There's a potential that something like this might exist in that story. It's more like an outline for a film than an actual film, but I'll try to summarize. Ben Affleck had fanboys in a tizzy when he told The Guardian that his stand-alone Batman movie was "not a set thing". I think Live By Night would've worked wonderfully as an HBO series (mainly because it already did).

Deleted Star Wars scene with Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia surfaces

Amusing and emotionally fearless. When news of Fisher's health condition this past Friday spread, her mother gave a report on her daughter's condition via Twitter , writing: Carrie is in stable condition. Apart from the members of the Star Wars cast, Disney Chairman and CEO Bob Iger released a statement with regards Fisher's passing. "You didn't need to meet Carrie Fisher to understand her power".

Watch Dallas Cowboys Punter Chris Jones Absolutely Flatten a Detroit Lions Returner

The Lions, on the other hand, needed to win to keep their hopes of a first-round bye alive. "For us, we look at more of our team more so than anything else", Caldwell said. However, that isn't what happened. Whether it was getting after Matthew Stafford or putting some big hits on the Lions' receivers, the Cowboys did their best to set the tone with physicality.

Watch Jimmy Fallon play with the Nintendo Switch and Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run was developed by Nintendo itself, with input from longtime Nintendo visionary Shigeru Miyamoto , who created Mario , Donkey Kong , Zelda , and myriad other Nintendo characters and franchises. Mobile versions of Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing are also slated for the platform and will release in 2017. Nintendo has also released a live-action concept teaset for the game.