Musiq Soulchild is preparing for a new child

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Musiq Soulchild’s better half, Tiyumba Wright, declared yesterday that she’s pregnant. Tiyumba declared the news in the most delightful post-April Fools’ Day way that is available, sharing a picture of her scarcely there midsection on Instagram with the inscription, “When it’s April second she still pregnant.”


The labeling of Musiq is the thing that put us on to the father of the tyke, however Tiyumba, who is two months along in her pregnancy, has imparted a couple of other adorable minutes to Musiq on Instagram. Like a recent Valentine’s Day photograph underneath her boo and her girl. Musiq has a child with 702 artist Kameelah Williams.


And furthermore this sagacious post on change. Up until now, Musiq hasn’t put out an announcement or shared the news on his channels, however we’ll be checking in occasionally. We can hardly wait to see the couple’s first youngster together this fall. Congrats!

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