Is the Tasmanian tiger really extinct?

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The Tasmanian tiger, a flesh eating marsupial that resembles a type of dog, is evidently wiped out. The last known individual from this species was caught in 1933 and in the long run passed on in a zoo. The passing of Benjamin, the last hostage Thylacinus, in Tasmania’s Hobart Zoo in 1936 has been thought to be the last of the species’ genealogy, yet not everybody is persuaded. Despite the fact that the animal was proclaimed wiped out in 1986, cases of individuals seeing animals from the species keep on existing. One seeker even asserted he has a dash-cam film of the animal.


Stories of individuals seeing the creature has provoked researchers to dispatch a chase for the Tasmanian tiger. In view of apparently trustworthy observer records of conceivable Tasmanian tigers, Bill Laurance and Sandra Abell, both from James Cook University, will partake in a review that plans to at long last affirm regardless of whether the Tasmanian tiger still exists.


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