Truck hijack killing causes questions about Sweden’s immigration policy

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The 39-year-old suspect in Friday’s incident has been captured by police, and was on law enforcement’s radar already yet they rejected him as a “minor character”. It was vague whether he was likewise a Swedish native or inhabitant or even to what extent he’d been in the nation.


The assault murdered four individuals and injured 15. Accordingly, hundreds accumulated Saturday at the site of the crash in the Swedish capital, assembling a disastrous mass of blossoms on the aluminum fence set up to keep them far from the site’s broken glass and turned metal. Some embraced cops adjacent.


“We have been too liberal to take in people who perhaps we thought would have good minds. But we are too good-hearted,” stated Stockholm occupant Ulov Ekdahl, a 67-year-old business representative who went to the remembrance. Joachim Kemiri, who was conceived in Sweden to a Tunisian father and a Swedish mother, says vagrants and evacuees had been touching base in too expansive numbers.



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